Sodium Salts

Customers can buy from us sodium salts of acetate acid and formic acid, which are used as reducing agent, buffering agent, deicing agent, food additives laboratory reagent, etc. These are versatile chemicals which find use in many industries.

Specialty Chemicals

Special industrial applications and functions demand for specialty chemicals. As they are specialized in nature, they are produced in desired quantity. Diloxanide Base (D-Base) is used as a pharmaceutical ingredient, while menthol is used in many products and metol powder is used in black and white photography as photographic developing agent.


Customers can buy from us synthetic polymers and resins for use in their coatings, adhesives, plastic and printing ink industries. These work as a binder, base, film former and tackifier, depending upon the end application.These resins are used in many applications because of their corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, hardness, and adhesion.

Inorganic Salts

When an inorganic acid and an inorganic base react, it results in the formation of chemical compounds called Inorganic salts. e have a wide range of chemical compounds that are available in the form of fine powder, flakes and crystalline solid. They are used in many industrial applications.

Industrial Chemicals

Chemical substances which find their use in many industrial applications are known as industrial chemicals. These chemicals available in the form of white crystalline powder are highly demanded in textile, leather, food, beverage, cosmetic, and water treatment industries.

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